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Bill Mazeroski
#9 | Second baseman | Pittsburgh Pirates

William Stanley Mazeroski: "Maz"

     Most observers will suggest that Maz was the finest defensive second baseman in history - I won't deign to argue, although I'd be surprised if contemporaries of Eddie Collins would readily concede.  At any rate, there is little doubt anyone was quicker at the double play - he was known for his lightning pivot, and his 1,706 career twin killings are by far the most of any middle infielder in history.


     He led the National League in important defensive categories 25 times in his career, including nine times in assists, three times in fielding percentage, and eight times in DP.  Mazeroski's hard-nosed hustle and quiet work ethic, combined with his ability to do the "little things" to help his team win, made him a six-time National League all-star.


     Unfortunately, he was a weak hitter, posting a lifetime .299 on-base average, and he only stole 27 bases throughout his career.  But his glove saved far more runs than his bat cost his team - according to Total Baseball, his 363 fielding runs is second only to Nap Lajoie.  Had he been replaced by a league average second baseman, his team might have scored a third of the runs he saved with his glove.



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