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        All-Time Greats

   Who's the greatest hitter of all time? The greatest pitcher?  The greatest dynasty, or team of all time?

   It's a question that divides casual baseball fans, die hard statisticians, fathers and sons, and residents of Queens from denizens of the Bronx.  Like all questions about the meaning of life, it has no clear answer - but since opinions are more fun anyway, here are a few to chew on:

Click on position to see our All-Time rankings:


All-Time Rankings

     The essays use statistical measures and terms that many baseball fans won't be familiar with.  See our glossary of terms if you come across something you aren't familiar with.


Greatest Lists
Century of Sports - the greatest games, moments, dynasties, venues and coaches of the last 100 years
Great Pitching Seasons - the greatest pitching performances since expansion in 1961, and before as well.
Great Non-pitching Seasons - the greatest performances by players who weren't pitchers.
Offense - the greatest offenses of all time.
Pitching - the greatest pitching of all time.
Greatest Teams - our survey of the best teams of all time. Awards - our retroactive selections of the most valuable players, year-by-year. 
Infields - the greatest defensive infields of all time. 
Baseball's All-Time Best Hitters - a book by Michael Schell, a professor of Biostatics at UNC. He controls for era, longevity, and park factors to determine the best hitters for average of all time: Tony Gwynn, Ty Cobb, Rod Carew, Joe Jackson, Rogers Hornsby and Ted Williams top the list. 
100 Greatest Baseball Games - a compilation of the most memorable games of the 20th century. The Miracle at Coogan's Bluff, the Bill Mazeroski shot in Game 7 of the 1960 Series, the 26-inning 1-1 duel of 1920, Haddix's lost perfect-o and Fisk's body English top the list.
Baseball Dynasties - a review of the century's most accomplished baseball teams, with ranking by Rob Neyer and Eddie Epstein.
Greatest World Series of all time - Top to bottom, the 100 World Series ranked.


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