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        About Us was founded in February, 2001, by Aman Verjee.

     Aman graduated from Stanford University in 1995, with a degree in Public Policy and Economics.  After three years at Lehman Brothers in New York, as a bond trader, he went to Harvard Business and Law Schools and graduated in 2001, then joined McKinsey & Co., in Dallas, Texas, as an associate consultant.

     Aman is now a Vice President for PayPal, Inc., a division of EBay, where he has been since July, 2002.  He heads up the Customer Analysis group. 

     This site is devoted to the preservation of the history of our national pastime.  It has won numerous awards, including the Britannica Internet Guide Award, a LA Times pick, a Best of the Web award (Okaneku) and a Snap! Online Best of the Web Winner.

     Let's see - what else?  Aman drives a 2001 (first edition) millennium yellow Corvette Z06, the splendid new race-ready entry from the Corvette family's fifth generation (C5) lineup.  With 385 hp in a lightweight chassis, this puppy gets to 60 mph from a standing start in 3.8 seconds, corners at one full G (better acceleration and handling than a Ferrari) and race caliber brakes bring it to full stop from that speed in just 125 feet.



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